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An animated film: The yellow submarine

Hello pupils. These days we are finding out about television and cinema. I’m sure you like both a lot. I also know you like music and songs. Do you know the song “All together now”? That song is from the album “The Yellow Submarine”. Yes, I am talking about The Beatles. But, apart from the album, there is also a film, an animated film.

Do you want to know more?

“The yellow submarine” is an animated movie, full of colours and music. It’s great! It is based on the music of The Beatles. And of course the music is awesome! Here is the video.

And this video includes lyrics.

And this is the song “All together now” with lyrics from the same film.

Do you know?

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960 who became the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed act in the history of popular music. And The Grange Primary School, one of our partner schools in the Comenius Project is in Liverpool!

What about you?

Do you like watching TV? What is your favourite TV programme? How many times a week do you watch quiz shows? Always, usually, sometimes, never?

Do you like cinema? Do you like animated films? What is your favourite film?


  1. Juan Carlos

    I like TV. I don´t have a favorite TV programme. Sometimes I watch quiz shows. I usually watch wildlife programmes but I never watch cartoons.

    I love films. My favorite film is Star Wars. I like animated films but I don´t like horror films.

  2. I really like TV. My favorite TV programme is “La que se avecina”. I usually watch quiz shows. I all days watch wildlife programmes.

    I love films. My favorite film is “Start Wars”. I love animated films and science fiction films but I don’t like horror films.

  3. Sofía Camporro

    I sometimes whatch quiz shows. I usually watch cartoons. I always whatch the news whith my parents. I like science fitcion films but I don`t like animated films.
    My favorite TV programme is “La que se avecina”.
    My favorite film is “La casa de tus sueños”.

  4. moises

    Me encantó el video de los beatles creo que habeis hecho un gran trabajo THANK YOU¡¡¡¡

  5. sheila 6c

    Luis we are already practicing the song a bit mischievous but good to me and is not removed from head yellow submarine

  6. sheila 6c

    I like tv. I sometimes watch quiz shows.I usually a cartoons. I don´t like the news and horror films. I love music programmes and comedis. My favourite tv program is tu cara me suena.My favourite flim isalguna que de risa jajaja.

  7. paula garcia

    I like TV. My favorite program is “tu cara me suena”. I never watch the news. I like comedy films. I like many films but I don’t like scary.
    I always watch “Violeta”.

  8. Paula Fdez

    I like TV. I sometimes watch cartoons. I love music programmes. I usually watch the news. I never watch quiz shows. My favourite programme is “la voz” (the voice)
    I love cinema. I like science fiction films but I don’t like animated films

  9. Ángela González (6ºA)

    I like TV. I sometimes watch wildlife programmes and I usually watch music programmes . I sometimes watch cartoons but I never watch quiz shows. I sometimes watch the news. My favourite programme is ” La voz “.
    I really like cinema. I like science fiction films and I like animated films .I like comedies but I don´t like horror films.My favourite film is ” La leyenda del cazador “

  10. I like TV.I sometimes watch cartoons,but I never watch the news.I usually watch music programmes.My favourite programme is “tu cara me suena”.I love cinema.I don’t like animated films and science fiction films but I like horror films and comedies.What I really like is “violetta”.

  11. I love TV.
    I like quiz shows and I really like music programs too. I don’t whatch comedies programs but sometimes I watch the news. I love the cinema and the films too but I love more watch films in the cinema. jiijijij 🙂

    My favorite film is “lo imposible” the impossible

    • Thanks for your comment, Ainoa. I haven’t watched ‘The impossible’ yet, but I think I should check it out. Everybody says it is a must see.

  12. Sofía Olmedo

    I like TV.I usually watch cartoons but never watch the news.I sometimes watch music progammes and wildlife progammes.I never watch quiz show. My favourite TV progamme is “Violeta”.
    I really like cinema.I like adventure and animated films but I don’t like horror films.I like science fiction films but i don’t like comedies.My favourite film is “Miniñera es un vampiro”.

    • Thanks for your interesting contribution. I’ve never seen that TV programme. Is ‘Violett’ a television series? Where is it aired?

      • Daniel Asprón Coelho.

        I like TV . My favourite TV programme is big bang theory . It´s very funny, but I like cartoons, I never watch “la voz” . I often go to the cinema, I like adventures and comedies films

      • Sofia Olmedo

        Yes,it is.It’s aired in Disney Channel

  13. cristina

    Ilove TV I sometimes wacth cartoons but I never wacth the news

  14. IVAN 6C

    I love watch tv,i love cartoons and i really like realyties shows.My favourite tv programme is Ben 10 omniverse and my favourite movie is “Tadeo Jones”.

  15. Marina Izquierdo 6 B

    I sometimes watch quiz shows.I never watch cartoons but I sometimes watch the news.My favourite TV programmes are “La que se avecina” and ” Modern Family”.I like comedies.
    I don’t like science fiction films and I don’t like animated films.

  16. Juan 6B

    I always watch tv.I usually watch cartoons and films.I sometimes quiz show with my sister.I never watch animated film.My favourite cartoons is “Chin Chan “.
    My favourite programme is !

  17. ALBA 6 A

    I always watch TV. My favourite TV progamme is “La voz”. I usually watch quiz shows but I sometimes watch horror progammes.

    I love films my favourite film is ” La saga de crepusculo”

    By Alba

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