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Story time at the library

We visited the library, there we listened to a story Winnie the Witch and chose books to read in English. One of our favourites Terrible trolls, with an awful smell.

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We have a good collection of good books in English. We can borrow to read at home with our families.


  1. So interesting books! And so good readers! The more I see these pictures, the more I like them. But I prefer to borrow a cranberry smelly book. Is that possible Teacher Susana? 🙂

  2. Teacher Piedad

    I love reading too! Were you having fun in the library? Let me guess…I only need to look at your faces. Yeah! I bet you had a great time.

  3. beatunon

    Yes!! Reading is fun… 😉

  4. Ivan david

    Me parece fenomenal que lean libros de vez en cuando ¡a seguir asi!

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