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Multilateral partnership

Our Comenius Buddies

Today has been a great day! Our teachers finally published the list of the pupils honored as “Comenius friends”. You may be asking now “And what’s a Comenius friend?”

Let us tell you about it.

You know we are involved in a Comenius Project. Our project is called “Is it waste or money?“. Our school and our partners from Turkey, England and Poland are working together to find out about environmental issues and to find ways to recycle and convert waste into useful products. Our final goal is to preserve nature.

In November our partners are visiting our school. And, do you know? 18 pupils from Turkey and England are coming with some of their teachers. They will be our guests.

We are very excited! We want them to like our school, our country, Asturias, Lugo… We want to be their friends. They will be involved in our activities, our classes; they’ll eat at our canteen; they’ll play in our playground; they’ll join and enjoy our Amagüestu…

Being away from their country, their families and friends, won’t be easy, but they won’t be alone. That’s the job for our Comenius buddies. We all be glad to help and make their experience abroad easy, but the Comenius friends will be with them all the time, next to them, helping them. What a responsibility! We are proud to be Comenius buddies.

We must be prepared for the job. We are looking forward to meeting them!

These are our Comenius buddies and their substitutes from each of the groups:

Year 5A

  • Lara Hoyos Menéndez
  • Claudia Llorente Fernández
  • Beatriz Martínez-Guisasola

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Alba López García
  • Alejandra Soladana Gómez
  • Pablo Vicho García

Year 5B

  • Rebeca Blanco Besada
  • Mijail Borissenko Cadenas
  • Deva Gil Díaz

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Iván Álvarez Mera
  • Nayara Revuelta Lopera
  • Nizam Tuero Moirón

Year 5C

  • Ignacio García Barriocanal
  • Lucía Reseco Aguado
  • Álvaro Alonso Fernández-Peña

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Andrés Sánchez Cuyar
  • Míriam Rial Antón
  • Lucía Rodríguez Lorenzo

Year 6A

  • Paula Fernández Pérez
  • Nuria García Ochoa
  • Ángela González Álvarez

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Ainoa Rodríguez Beasaín
  • Cristina Suárez Gallego
  • Natalia Fernández Cancio

Year 6B

  • Sofía Olmedo De La Rúa
  • Pablo Lobeto Arenas
  • María Soledad López Ferreira

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Juan Carlos Higón Martínez
  • Carlota Alarcón Robledo
  • Marina Izquierdo Roiz

Year 6C

  • Carla Álvarez Rodríguez
  • Celia García Barriocanal
  • Clara Menéndez Alonso

Substitutes and Helpers

  • Marcos Mesa Barragán
  • Jorge Campo Espías
  • Iván Fernández Requeijo


  1. Teacher Piedad

    Lucky you, Buddies!
    I am so proud of all of you… I am sure that you are going to do an excellent job.

    • Year 6C

      Thank you, teacher. We are very excited with the Comenius visit! We’ll do all our best.

    • Year 6A

      Hello, Teacher Piedad. Thank you very much for your support. We are looking forward to meeting them. We want them to enjoy their experience at Asturias. We’ll show them our customs and make them feel like at home.

  2. Year 5B

    Thanks, Teacher Piedad. We’ll do all our best!

  3. beatunon

    I am sure you will enjoy your time with our Comenius friends!!

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