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First day in the ICT Classroom

Today we’ve been in the ICT Classroom for the very first time this school year. Our teacher has told us how to behave properly to save time. He’s always saying we shouldn’t waste our precious time.

We always follow the teacher’s instructions 😉

As soon as we get to the classroom we must pay attention to the teacher as he introduces the goals for the session. We must ask any questions we need before starting to work. Then we start working without disturbing other classmates.

We must stay in our seat unless we have been told otherwise

We must report any technical problems to the teacher

We must Stay away from the cables behind the computers

We must treat the computers with care: computers are expensive

And at the end we have to close all the applications, turn off the computer, push in the chairs and check everything is left tidy for the next session.

We love computers! Do you?

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  1. teacherpiedad

    We DO love them too! These are good rules for all of the kids at different levels. Let´s follow them.

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